Focus exercise

Presentation „focus exercise“ with tips to strengthen your concentration and attention


In this short unit on the topic of „Focus exercise“, your employees will learn how they can improve their ability to concentrate.

Concentration is a core element of productive work. However, sometimes during the day our attention decreases. In this session you can try out simple exercises from cognitive training that strengthen your concentration and boost your focus. The session is part of our compact productivity break.

Learning to concentrate takes time and work!

Attention and concentration are both like a muscle that needs to be constantly built. You have to keep nurturing your brain – a little more every day. You will notice that you are getting fitter day by day and that you are enjoying it. We learn by building connections. If you want to improve your focus, attention, and concentration, you need to train your brain to develop new neural connections. This network needs to be maintained because inactivity causes it to deteriorate – just like a muscle.

Strengthening your brain’s ability to focus brings many benefits. When you know you can focus, you learn to trust yourself and you will feel powerful. This increases your self-confidence and self-esteem. With more ability to concentrate, you will achieve more. Furthermore, you will become faster and faster. You will be confident in new tasks, even if time is short. Overall, your mental health will improve.

We can give the short presentation either digitally or at your company. We would be happy to advise you on a suitable offer for your employees and your company. Feel free to contact us!

Tips for strengthening concentration

Accompanying our short unit „Focus exercise“, here you find the most important information summarized in our handout.