Increase the confidence to speak

A presentation on employee development and upskilling by strenghening the self-confidence, the confidence to speak and the authenticity

Find out what self-confidence and the confidence to speak is and get 13 tools to increase the confidence to speak. You’ll also find out what a watering can has to do with the confidence to speak.

Speaking performance is a combination of content preparation and a convincing way of speaking. We listen carefully to people who speak authentically and with a high degree of confidence to speak.

Psychology knows several tools to increase both. In this interactive talk, you will learn about important factors of self-confidence and the confidence to speak. Further, you will get to know useful tools to increase your confidence to speak and your authenticity (e. g. mental training and useful behaviours on how to prepare and follow up a talk).

Checklist – How to increase the confidence to speak

To accompany our talk, you can download our checklist, which summarizes various tools and reflections to increase the self-confidence and the confidence to speak.

Thank you very much vor joining our talk! We wish you every success with the implementation!

Dr. Sandra Waeldin & Team

Feedback from our participants on our talk „Increasing the confidence to speak“

„I learned a lot, thank you“, „good to see, that we all feel in a similar way“, „you are worth it, Dr. Sandra“, „great impulses“, „a motivating talk“, „one of the best sessions I joined so far“ (presentation via Zoom, audience: employees)

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