Increase your well-being and motivation in daily work life

Talk for workplace health promotion

Currently, global insecurity, social distancing, and permanent digital work processes represent a challenge to our mood, motivation, and work performance. Here, it is important to support the well-being and motivation at the workplace. Therefore, we offer a talk for your workplace health promotion. It explains the connection between the current situation, health, and wellbeing. Further, it shows psychological strategies to sustain and increase motivation and gives you specific tips for your daily work life.

Related to the talk we offer a checklist and additional tips. You can use this list best by choosing one single and small thing that you want to change. Small but continuous steps lead to the best behavioral changes and will increase your wellbeing in the long run. Here, we can also recommend the TED talk from B. J. Fogg about „baby steps“ to improve well-being (the Maui-habit). Additionally, you find an information sheet about mental health, important signs, and how to seek help – if required.


If you are interested to hear more about our talk, we look forward to receive your request. It will be tailored to the needs of your employees and give valuable impulses for your workplace health promotion.