Positive emotions

Presentation with tips to increase your well-being


In this short unit your employees will learn how they can increase positive emotions and their well-being.

Sometimes we are simply in a bad mood and less motivated than usual. Our compact session will give you valuable tips from psychology on how to improve your mood.

Positive emotions are an important factor in our emotional and physical well-being and help us to build up optimistic expectations. If we pay attention to positive feelings, they become stronger. They expand our perception and help us to build up important resources. For example, we become more flexible, more creative and can expand our resilience. We build positive relationships, become more optimistic, develop greater self-acceptance and a better sense of purpose. In addition, positive feelings strengthen our immune system and help us to cope with stress.

Experiencing positive emotions is more about frequency than intensity. You don’t have to wait for extraordinary or big moments. Even small, ordinary moments can make you happy. For example, you can integrate positive moments into your everyday life by celebrating small successes or maintaining social interactions. You can learn to be grateful for what you have or what you experience. If you dedicate yourself to positive things in your everyday life, you will feel better overall, many things will be easier for you, and you will be more successful. Share your positive vibes with others to spread the positivity.

We can give the short presentation either digitally or at your company. We would be happy to advise you on a suitable offer for your employees and your company. Feel free to contact us!

Tips for strengthening positive emotions

Accompanying our short unit about strengthening positive feelings, here you find the most important information summarized in our handout.