Talk about stress management

Presentation about stress management and tips for your employees

In our lecture on stress management, we provide your employees with useful information and practical tips for dealing with stress in a healthy way.

Stress is multidimensional. Coping with stress is also multidimensional. For some, the proper way to cope with stress starts with “saying no”, while others want to learn how to better switch off in the evening or how to stay calm in stressfull situations. For some, it is prioritization, time management or sustainable regeneration that contribute to a healthy approach to stress.

In our presentation, your employees will get an insight into 1) what stress is and 2) what approaches available to cope with stress. We give an overview of multimodal stress management with its pillars of analysis, regenerative, instrumental and mental stress management. This will help your employees to chose the strategies that are right for them.

The presentation is particularly suitable as introduction to the topic of mental health and stress management in your company. It increases awareness to the topic of mental health at the workplace and can form the basis for further steps. We are also happy to give the lecture digitally or on-site at your company. We will be happy to advise you on a suitable offer for your employees and your company. Please contact us!

Tips for a healthy way to deal with stress

Accompanying our talk about stress management, you will find the most important information summarized in our handout. Here you will also find tips for dealing with stress in a healthy way.

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